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John Flanagan

John Flanagan

Flanagan was born in Sydney, Australia. For most of his life, he had a successful career in advertising, until he was hired as head-writer for the television sitcom Hey Dad..!, which ran for 291 episodes, over the span of eight years. Soon after this time, he began writing an epic fantasy for his son, Michael, because he wanted to make his son happy. The story would eventually become The Ruins of Gorlan, Book One of the Ranger's Apprentice series. After writing this book, he began working on The Burning Bridge, Book Two of the Ranger's Apprentice series which was published on 8 June 2006. There are currently seven books in the series.

The Ranger’s Apprentice reached as high as number 3 on The New York Times Bestsellers List for Children’s Series.

Flanagan currently lives in the suburb of Manly, Australia with his wife,Leonie.