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Jan Fearnley

Jan Fearnley

Jan Fearnley was born and raised in North East England, the youngest of six children. When Jan left school, she studied in Newcastle for a degree in Graphic Design. She spent much of her time at college hiding in the fine art department; making books, drawings and etchings. The rest of her time was spent with her niece and nephew and through this, Jan became very interested in children’s issue, and in particular, children’s books.

Post degree, Jan had a variety of ill-suited jobs ranging from working in advertising to dressing up as a vampire in a local bar! By this time she started freelance illustration work, and returned to college to train as a teacher. This further developed her interest in early literacy.

She worked in London for several years as an Infant school teacher. Jan found being involved in the process of teaching reading immensely satisfying.

After this, Jan worked part-time for a literacy project aimed at raising attainment, enjoyment and self-esteem through reading in inner-city schools. This involved working with children from a diverse range of cultures and background which proved equally rewarding, heartbreaking and inspiring!

Jan wanted to be involved in creating quality literature for children. Her experiences inspired her to continue to write and illustrate on her own books.

She now lives in Kingston Upon Thames and works fulltime as an illustrator, except for the bits when she’s messing about with cars, or chasing after her two Cornish Rex cats.