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Laurence Anholt

Laurence Anholt

Laurence Anholt is one of the UK's leading children authors. From his home in southwest England, he has produced around 90 children's titles, published in 25 languages around the world, many with his wife, Catherine.

His books range from a poignant self-illustrated series about great artists (published by Barrons in the USA), to the best-selling Seriously Silly Stories and the irrepressible Chimp and Zee. Their books have won numerous awards, and Laurence joins J.K. Rowling as one of the only authors to have twice won the prestigious Nestlé Smarties Gold Award, perhaps the leading children's book award in the UK. Many of these prizes have been for the Seriously Silly Stories, which have been described as "Monty Python for kids" and are currently being adapted as an animated series for TV. Laurence is also amongst the 100 Most Borrowed Authors from UK Libraries.

With his Seriously Silly Stories Mr. Anholt says "My original intention was to produce a series which would simply encourage kids to read at that difficult 'in between' stage, when they have moved on from picture books, but still find full length novels rather daunting. I particularly wanted to hook boys, who are reluctant readers at the best of times." He continues, "My strategy was to use small 'chunks' of text which would not intimidate, a funky comic book style and most important of all, plenty of anarchic humor!"

Born in London, but brought up mainly in Holland, Laurence trained as a Fine Artist and has a Masters Degree from the Royal Academy of Art in London. His books have taken him all over the world and twice to Buckingham Palace! Many of the Laurence' books grow directly from family life with their three children, Claire (19) and twins, Tom and Maddy (16) who road test all their ideas.