Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Auntie Claus

Auntie Claus

Elise Primavera, Elsie Primavera
For ages 4 to 6
Harcourt, 1999   ISBN: 978-0152019099

The Kringles are a family who are absolutely and totally Christmas mad. The two children in the family, Sarah and Chris, are dreadfully spoiled and don't think that anyone can have too many presents. Their great-aunt Auntie Claus, who lives in the same building as they do, thinks otherwise. She is always reminding her grand niece that "it is far better to give than to receive."

Auntie Claus is a very mysterious lady who disappears for months at a time from right after Halloween until Valentines Day. Where does Auntie Claus go and what does she do? Sarah decides that the time has come for her to find out what Auntie Claus is up to, and she stows away among her great-aunt's luggage.

What Sarah discovers is that the extraordinary Auntie Claus certainly does keep company with the most wonderful of people, and that there may in fact be something to Auntie Clause/s words. Is it really "far better to give that to receive" after all?

In this amusing Christmas tale a little girl discovers what gift giving is all about. Through her own act of self-sacrifice, she discovers the joy of giving and she gets a priceless gift in return. Bold and bright paintings bring this unique story to life.