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Around the World Cookbook

Around the World Cookbook

Abigail Johnson Dodge
For ages 8 and up
DK Publishing, 2008   ISBN: 978-0756637446

Many of us would love to take a trip around the world but, alas, very few of us are able to do so. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet we can look at pictures and watch video of far of places with great ease. We can send email to someone who is thousands of miles away. We can also read books about countries we may never see. This cookbook gives young people the ability to take a culinary world tour in the comfort of their family kitchen.

The author begins by showing her readers how to use the book, what rules to follow when working in a kitchen, what tools to use and how to use them, and more.

Then the food journey begins with the author taking a look at Asian food. Briefly the author describes the countries that she is going to look at and the foods that are favored in these counties. This section is followed by six recipes including salmon teriyaki and shrimp pad thai. Each recipe includes a description of the dish, a list of equipment, a list of ingredients, and a description of how to make the dish. Most the recipes include notes of interest and/or supplementary information.

The author then goes on to explore the foods of India, Indonesia, and Australasia. Then there is a section with recipes from the Middle East, Africa and the Mediterranean. Russia and Northern Europe follow. South America, Mexico and the Caribbean spice things up next, and North America brings things to a close.

In between several of the geographical sections the author has colorful articles about pocket foods, cheeses, and flatbreads from around the world.

Packed with interesting snippets of information, photographs, and maps this superbly presented cookbook truly takes the reader around the world. Not only will readers learn how to make dishes of all kinds, but they will also learn a little about the cuisine and the culture of the countries they 'visit.' The more than fifty recipes in the book are well written and easy to follow, and the ingredients are healthy and readily available in most good grocery stores and supermarkets.