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Ark Angel

Ark Angel

Anthony Horowitz
Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
Penguin, 2006   ISBN: 978-0399241529

After being almost killed by an assassin's bullet Alex Rider is now recuperating in a London hospital. He is looking forward to going home and to resuming a normal life, one which does not include people who are trying to kill him. Alas for Alex his time of peace and quiet is short lived. When four men arrive at the hospital to kidnap one of the other patients, Alex cannot stand by while the boy is taken away. Instead he uses his considerable survival skills to try to outwit the would-be kidnappers. Alex almost succeeds but is eventually outnumbered and taken prisoner.

The kidnappers, members of an eco-terrorist group called Force Three, had planned to kidnap Paul Drevin, the son of a multi-billionaire businessman. They ended up with Alex by mistake and they are not too pleased when they discover that they have made a dreadful error. Luckily for Alex, their attempts to kill the boy fail and he is able to escape once again.

Paul Drevin's grateful father, Nikolai Drevin, then invites Alex to come to his own private island in the Caribbean for a little holiday. He tells Alex that he hopes Alex and Paul will become friends and that he, Nikolai, is sure that Alex will find the island fascinating. Not only will Alex be able to enjoy all the luxurious amenities of the island, but he will also be able to witness the launching of one of Nicolai's rockets. Nicolai is building the world's first space hotel, Ark Angel, and the rocket is going to take up one of the hotel's components into space. It is a hard invitation to refuse, and in the end Alex agrees to join the Drevins on their trip to Flamingo Bay. It isn't long though before Alex begins to feel very uneasy about Nicolai Drevin. There is something about the man that just does not feel right. Are Alex's instincts right once again and is he walking into yet another adventure full of danger?

Once again Anthony Horowitz has created a story which will have readers riveted to their seats from start to finish. Just when Alex's life seems to calm down some new development complicates things for him, and he is sent off on another quest which he may or may now survive. Fans of the James Bond stories will find Alex Rider's adventures entertaining and highly enjoyable.