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April and Esme Tooth Fairies

April and Esme Tooth Fairies

Bob Graham
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Candlewick, 2010   ISBN: 978-0763646837

One day April, a little tooth fairy, is outside with her sister Esme when she gets a call on her cell phone. The caller asks April and Esme to come and collect her little grandson’s tooth, and she specifically wants them and no one else. Though April and Esme are rather young to do “tooth visits,” April promises to collect the tooth. April and Esme’s parents feel that the girls are too little to fly all the way to Parkville to get a tooth, but the girls manage to convince them that they can do the job.

   By the light of the moon, April and Esme fly off, carrying a string bag with a coin in it between them. They are buffeted by the wind but they make it to the little boy’s house, crawl under the front door, and find the little boy fast asleep in his bed. Now all they have to do is get the tooth, put the coin in its place, and leave without being seen.

   In this delightfully sweet picture book we meet two very small fairies who have to face a challenge that is both exciting and frightening. Readers will be charmed by the characters, and they might even begin to wonder what kind of tooth fairy visits their house.