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Apple Cider Making Days

Apple Cider Making Days

Ann Purmell
Illustrator:  Joanne H. Friar 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Millbrook Press, 2002   ISBN: 978-0761323648

Fall is here and the apples on Grandpa’s farm are ready to be picked. Alex and Abigail’s family pile into the wagon behind Grandpa’s tractor and they head out to the orchard. Soon the wagon is full of bushel baskets piled high with wonderful apples. When the wagon is full Grandpa dives the wagon to the barn and the apple cider making process begins.

First the apples are sorted. The undamaged ones are washed, dried, and packed in bags to be sold for eating. The rest travel down a conveyor belt and into a grater where they are turned into “apple mush.” This “mush” is then pressed in a special machine until sweet delicious cider pours from it.

In this interesting seasonal picture book readers will share a day with a family who run an apple orchard. They will find out what it is like to run an apple based family business and appreciate how much work must be done during those weeks when the apples are being harvested.

Readers will find additional facts about apples and apple cider at the back of the book.