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Annie Oakley Saves the day

Annie Oakley Saves the day

Anna DiVito
For ages 6 to 8
Simon and Schuster, 2004   ISBN: 978-0689865206

Little Annie Mosey is teaching her brother John how to build a bird trap. Their father has gone to get supplies for the winter and the children hope that they will have a bird for dinner the next day. It is getting colder all the time and soon the children have to head home for a blizzard is on the way.

Sure enough a fierce blizzard does arrive buffeting the small Mosey cabin. Annie and her family worry a great deal about Father. Will he be all right out there in the blizzard? Then the family hear a sound outside. It is Father but he is frozen and will need care for some time. Perhaps Annie and John?s little bird traps are going to be more important than the family ever thought they would be.

This simple yet engaging story about an important event in the life of Annie Oakley will interest modern day children who so rarely have to face the problems that were so common one hundred and fifty odd years ago. Annie and her family must get much of their food from the woods and fields around them and they are at the mercy of Mother Nature when she decides to brew up a storm.

This is one of the books in the "Childhood of Famous Americans" series.