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Annie and Snowball and the Dress-up Birthday

Annie and Snowball and the Dress-up Birthday

Cynthia Rylant
Illustrator:  Sucie Stevenson 
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Simon and Schuster, 2007   ISBN: 978-1416914594

Annie is going to be having her birthday soon and she has decided that she wants to have a small family party. Of course she wants to have her father and her pet rabbit Snowball at her party, and she wants to invite her cousin Henry and his family as well. Annie loves to get dressed up so she wants all her guests to dress up for her special day.

On the big day Annie wears her best dress and ribbons, and she even puts some lace and a bow on Snowball. To please his daughter Annie's father has put on his tuxedo and he looks very dapper indeed. The house is all ready and everything looks splendid. Then Henry, his parents, and his dog Mudge arrive, and Annie realizes that Henry has made big mistake.

This Ready-to-read Level 2 title is sure to delight little girls who enjoy getting dressed up for special occasions. The story is broken up into three chapters, and young readers will feel very proud of themselves as they read this 'big kid' book.

As always, Cynthia Rylant tells a wonderful story, keeping her readers engaged with likeable characters, and with a tale that is easy to follow but not simplistic.