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Annes House of Dreams Audio

Annes House of Dreams Audio

Lucy Maud Montgomery
For ages 10 and up
Unabridged audiobook (Cassette)
Performed/read by: Susan O'Malley
Blackstone Audiobooks, 1997   ISBN: 0786112301

Anne is finally going to marry her Gilbert. They have had to wait quite a while but they are now going to be rewarded with a lovely wedding at Green Gables and a new life together. Gilbert - now a full-fledged doctor – has found a position at Four Winds, a harbor village some distance from Avonlea. When he and Anne arrive, Anne discovers that the home Gilbert has found for them is just perfect; it is indeed just like her “house of dreams” and she knows that she will be very happy there.

Soon Anne is immersed in her new life, making friends with the eccentric man-hating Miss Cornelia and with the wonderful story-teller Captain Jim. She also meets and is mystified by the beautiful but very distant Leslie Moore. Why does this young woman act so strangely and what is the story behind her sad eyes?

Added to this are Anne’s own adventures as she starts down the road of motherhood. It is a very hard road for her at first, full of pain and loss, but it is also one which makes her a stronger and more understanding person.

In this wonderful addition to the “Anne of Green Gables” story, Anne takes on new challenges and has many quite remarkable adventures. Though they are not quite the same as the scrapes she used to get in when she was a girl, Anne’s new exploits have their own special brand of poignancy, humor, and drama.

Read with great sensitivity by Susan O’Malley, this audio book carries us into Anne’s seaside home to such great effect that we can almost see Captain Jim smoking his pipe by the fireplace in Anne’s “House of Dreams.”