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Anne's Colors

Anne's Colors

Kelly Hill
Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Tundra Books, 2018   ISBN: 978-0735262843

A little girl called Anne has just got off the train. She is starting a new life in a new place, and she stands next to the railroad tracks carrying a carpet bag. Perhaps the first thing that you notice about Anne is her bright orange braids. Soon enough she is sitting in a buggy being driven to her new home by her new guardian. With the little girl by his side Anne’s guardian drives his buggy between two trees that are covered in white blossoms.

Though it is not always easy living with an older couple who are set in their ways, Anne soon makes friends with Diana, a little girl with black hair, who grows to adore the little girl with the orange hair. It is hard not to like Anne who has such a vivid imagination and such a zest for life.

In this charming little board book little children are introduced to colors through the characters and events that fill the stories of Anne of Green Gables. The artwork was created using colorful fabrics which were sewn onto a background, and embellished with embroidery and other sewn elements.

Adults who enjoyed the Anne of Green Gables books will enjoy sharing this cunning little book with the young children in their lives.