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Animal Friends: A Global Celebration of Children and Animals

Animal Friends: A Global Celebration of Children and Animals

Maya Ajmera, John D. Ivanko
Nonfiction Board Book
For ages 2 to 5
Charlesbridge, 2002   ISBN: 1570915024

Children all over the world enjoy sharing their lives with animals of all kinds. They may have a cow in the barn or a hutch full of hamsters in their room. Their animal friend may be very small and cuddly, or large enough to ride. Whatever the case may be, every animal friend needs to be loved and cared for, and every animal will offer love in return.

This delightful board book explores the idea that the love that children have for animals is a universal thing. A boy in Africa will lavish his pet goat with the same love and devotion that an English child shows her pet cat.

With richly warm photographs and a very simple text, this board book emphasizes the fact that there is a common thread connecting children all over the world.

The sale of this title helps to support the Global Fund for Children, a nonprofit that is “committed to advancing the dignity of young people around the world.”