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Angelina Star of the Show

Angelina Star of the Show

Katharine Holabird
Illustrator:   Helen Craig 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Viking Juvenile, 2008   ISBN: 978-0670011087

Angelina's grandparents are taking her to the Mouseland Dance Festival on their river boat The Jolly Rat. Angelina is so excited about her upcoming performance at the festival that all she can think about are the steps and routines that she is going to do on the stage. Angelina is so wrapped up in her world of dancing that she quite forgets that there is a boat to take care of, there are chores to do, and there are in fact things more important than dancing that need to get done. Angelina?s grandparents need her help and yet she is too busy thinking about the festival to pay attention. It is only when there is a most unfortunate accident that Angelina finally realizes how badly she has been behaving.

Thankfully all is not lost and Angelina and her grandparents are able to salvage the situation. As it happens, Angelina?s boat experience inspires her to create something truly special which turns out to be a big success at the festival.

In this Angelina adventure we are reminded that no matter how good we are at something, and how much we love to do it, we have to still take the time to do our chores and the jobs that others require of us. Best of all these jobs can be fun if we share them with the ones we love, and they can offer up all sorts of wonderful ideas and inspiration for future projects.

Once again Katherine Holabird and Helen Craig have created an Angelina story which celebrates creativity and the simply joys of life.