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Angelina Ice Skates

Angelina Ice Skates

Katharine Holabird
Illustrator:   Helen Craig 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Viking Juvenile, 2007   ISBN: 978-0670062379

Angelina loves to skate on Miller’s Pond with her friends. Right now they are all preparing for a special ice show. Even Angelina’s little Cousin Henry wants to be a part of festivities and he isn’t a very good skater. It soon becomes apparent that it isn’t going to be easy to get ready for their show because too many mouse children want to make use of the ice and there are so many distractions which get in the way. Spike and Sammy enjoy playing hockey on the ice and they also enjoy teasing the "little ballerinas" a great deal too. How are Angelina and her friends ever going to get ready at this rate?

Then clever Angelina comes up with a way to keep Spike and Sammy busy and out of mischief and plans for the show begin to move forward, and in the right direction too. In the end the mice find a way to work together to produce a show which will both delight and astound their audience.

Katherine Holabird and Helen Craig have once more created a delightful Angelina story which will please Angelina’s fans and which will delight all those young ‘mice’ out there who have dreams of becoming ice queen and kings.