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Angelina and Alice

Angelina and Alice

Katharine Holabird
Illustrator:   Helen Craig 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Pleasant Company, 2001   ISBN: 978-1584851301

Angelina is delighted because she has made a friend, a friend who is so much like herself, and who loves to dance and do gymnastics. Together the two little mice share wonderful times practicing cartwheels and hanging upside down on the trapeze bars. There is one thing though that Alice is very good at and that Angelina cannot do well at all; Alice can do a "perfect" handstand. Angelina on the other hand falls over every time she tries to do one.

It is this simple difference which causes the two friends to part one day and Angelina is devastated. The other little mice call her "Angelina Tumbelina" because she always falls over when she tries to do a handstand and poor Angelina finds herself wishing she could go home. Will Angelina and her best friend Alice be able to get past their differences and remember why they became best friends in the first place?

Anyone who has ever had a misunderstanding with a best friend will find themselves relating to this simple and comforting little book. The highly satisfying and straightforward solution Angelina and Alice’s problem is both credible and inspirational. The answer may not be as hard to find as you think and all that is require may be a friendly or kind word.

Helen Craig’s distinctive artwork weaves its magic and conveys the reader to a warm and sunny world where mice have everyday problems that we can all understand and where we can celebrate a flower filled and richly decorated happy ending.