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Andy Shane and the Queen of Egypt

Andy Shane and the Queen of Egypt

Jennifer Richard Jacobson
Illustrator:  Abby Carter 
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Candlewick, 2008   ISBN: 978-0763632113

Andy Shane and his classmates are going to be doing projects on African countries for the school Culture Fair. Andy’s grandmother gives him an Egyptian scarab to take to school for his project, and Andy tells the teacher that he will be studying Egypt. This instantly arouses Dolores Starbuckle's ire. She has made special “white Egyptian clothes” and “gold jewelry.” She is going to be “the QUEEN of Egypt.” She is the one who should be doing Egypt and not Andy. Then Andy shows her his scarab, and Dolores is impressed enough to suggest that the two children should “work together.”

Andy is rather fed up with bossy Dolores. He is a quiet boy who likes to think things through before he makes up his mind. Andy decides that he doesn’t want to give in to Dolores’ demands. Not this time. He will think about her request first. Of course Dolores, being the kind of girl that she is, sets about doing everything she can to get Andy to agree to her “work together” idea.

This amusing Andy Shane story highlights the kinds of problems that can arise in a classroom when a strong willed child gets an idea in his or her head. At times, even the bonds of friendship can be strained under these circumstances.

With short chapters and an engaging storyline, this is an excellent title for beginner readers.