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Andy Shane and the Barn Sale Mystery

Andy Shane and the Barn Sale Mystery

Jennifer Richard Jacobson
Illustrator:  Abby Carter 
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Candlewick, 2009   ISBN: 978-0763635992

Andy Shane and Granny Webb always celebrate their unbirthdays in the fall. After all the fall chores are complete, and when they can finally relax a little, they decide that it is “the perfect time for a party.”

This year Andy wants to get his granny the “best present ever,” and since she uses her binoculars all the time to watch living things, Andy decides that what she needs is a case for her binoculars. The problem is, as Dolores Starbuckle points out, Andy has no money. Somehow, Andy needs to raise some money, but how?

Later that day Andy and Dolores see an old chair sitting by the side of the road. If they clean it up they could sell the chair. Andy is inspired. He can hold a barn sale to make some money.

Soon Andy and Dolores are going around the neighborhood collecting all kinds of things that the neighbors have no use for. It isn’t long before Granny’s barn is full of pots and pans, boxes of books, and lots of other useful things. Andy never imagines that his grand idea is going to lead to a big problem.

In this amusing Andy Shane title, Jennifer Richard Jacobson tells a story that young readers are sure to enjoy. They will worry that Andy will not be able to get out of his predicament, and they will also hope that he will be able to give Granny the perfect gift for her unbirthday.

This is a perfect series for young readers who just beginning to read books with short chapters.