Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Andy and Sam: Hide-and-seek

Andy and Sam: Hide-and-seek

Liesbet Siegers
Picture Book
For ages 2 to 5
Kane Miller, 2010   ISBN: 1935279351

Meet Andy and his little cat Sam. Sam is a “naughty” little cat who likes to hide. In this book, young readers are invited to help Andy to find Sam in the pictures. They can also look for other objects in the pictures, and they get to answer some interesting questions as well.

For example, on the second double page spread we see Andy playing in his backyard with his dog. Readers are first asked to find the elusive Sam. Then we are asked to find some other animals in the picture, and to answer some questions about the animals that we see. What is the bird doing with the worm, and which of the animals in the picture live underground?

What is interesting about this book is that it is not just a search-and-find title. It also encourages readers to think about what they are seeing, to figure out what characters are doing, to count, to make connections, and much more.

With its lively and childlike illustrations, and its clever educational components, this book will provide young readers with plenty of entertainment.