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Amulet: Book Two - The Stonekeeper's Curse

Amulet: Book Two - The Stonekeeper's Curse

Kazu Kibuishi
Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 9 to 12
Scholastic, 2009   ISBN: 0439846838

Emily, her brother Navin, and their mother are in a very dangerous situation. Emily’s mother has been poisoned, and she is going to die if they don’t get her to a doctor. The problem is that Emily and her family have enemies, elves who want to destroy them because they consider the family a threat. The elves are right to fear Emily and her family because Emily has become the Stonekeeper. She wears an amulet that is very powerful, and it has been foretold that Emily will be the one to help the resistance movement in Alledia end the hegemony of the elves.

Though it is dangerous to do so, Emily, Navin, and their robot friends take Emily’s mother to the city of Kanalis where they hope to find a doctor who can help them. They find a doctor, but they are also found by the elves, and the small party is forced to split up. Navin goes into hiding with his mother, and Emily goes to Demon’s Head Mountain with a new friend called Leon. They need to find a Godoba tree, the fruit of which will heal Emily’s mother. Unfortunately, Demon’s Head Mountain is a dangerous place, a place even the elves won’t go to.

This second book in the Amulet series continues the story of Emily and her family. We learn that Emily has an important destiny lying ahead of her, and that she has to learn how to use the amulet that she wears without being taken over by it. Though the amulet does give her extraordinary powers, it could also destroy her if she is not careful.

With its captivating story, powerful images, and vivid characters, this is a memorable graphic novel.