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Amulet: Book Three – The Cloud Searchers

Amulet: Book Three – The Cloud Searchers

Kazu Kibuishi
Graphic Novel  Series
For ages 9 to 12
Scholastic, 2010   ISBN: 978-0545208857

Emily, her brother Navin, her mother, and her friends have a dangerous journey ahead of them. Leon the fox tells Emily that she needs to get to the lost city of Cielis, where they hope to find the Guardian Council. With the help of the Council, Emily and her friends might finally be able to free Alledia from the hegemony of the elves. Unfortunately, no one knows where Cielis is, and many people even believe that it was completely destroyed by an elf army long ago.

It is decided that the motley group will go to the town of Nautilus where they will hopefully be able to find an airship pilot who will be willing to take them Cielis. At first, it looks as if no one will help Emily and her friends, but then – after the group are attacked by elves - one of the pilots agrees to help them. At this point Prince Trellis and Luger (elves who once attacked Emily) appear on the scene. They are prisoners of the elves and Leon decides to take them along.

During their journey through the skies, Emily finds out that the prince is not what he seems. He carries a terrible secret in his heart that he shares with Emily. Could it be that the elf prince and Emily actually have a common enemy?

This third book in the Amulet series will thrill readers who have been following the adventures of Emily and Navin. The story is full of unexpected surprises, and readers will surely be eager to find out what happens next.