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American Documents: The Bill of Rights

American Documents: The Bill of Rights

Judith Lloyd Yero
For ages 8 and up
National Geographic Children's Books, 2006   ISBN: 978-0792253952

Though the Constitution of the United States was a remarkable and much needed document, there were many Americans who were afraid that the document would allow the government to become too big and too all powerful for the good of the people. Something else was needed to make sure that the people were safe from unlawful arrest, that they were protected against self incrimination, that they had freedom of speech and religion, and more. To address these concerns the Bill of Rights was written. The Bill was basically ten amendments to the Constitution that protected the rights and freedoms of all Americans.

With great thought and care the author of this book explains what the Bill of Rights is. Most important of all she shows her readers why the freedoms and protections in the Bill of Rights are important and how we are often affected by them in our everyday lives. Readers will see how the amendments have protected Americans in the past and into the present. They will come to understand how many of the freedoms and rights in the Bill of Rights are essential to the American democratic way of life, and that many people in the past had to fight very hard to be allowed to enjoy these freedoms and protections. These 'fighters' included those who worked to get women the vote, and the people who were a part of the civil rights movement.

This excellent title is easy to read and is full of illustrations, photographs, mini biographies, quotations, and more. At the back of the book the author includes the texts of the Bill of Rights, The Declaration of the Rights of the Stamp Act Congress, The Virginia Declaration of Rights, and the Miranda Rights.