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Amelia's Notebook

Amelia's Notebook

Marissa Moss
Fiction  Series
For ages 8 to 12
Simon and Schuster, 2006   ISBN: 978-1416909057

Amelia is feeling thoroughly disgruntled. Her family has moved to a new state and a new town, and she is missing her old school and her best friend, Nadia. To help her deal with her feelings Amelia is writing down her thoughts in a journal. Just in case her big sister Cleo dares to look in her journal Amelia Cleo to "BIG OFF and STAY OUT."

Using lots of little pictures, many of which are annotated, Amelia describes her new school, the teachers, and some of the kids in her class. In addition to her journal entries Amelia tapes letters from Nadia, postcards and other items to the pages. She also writes some short stories, one of which she hopes to submit to an Author's Faire back at her old school.

Even with her journal acting as her confidant it is not easy holding a friendship together over long distances, but Amelia and Nadia both work at it. Then Amelia meets a nice girl called Leah and the two girls get on wonderfully. Now Amelia has a friend close by and another friend far away.

In this highly entertaining book Marissa Moss beautifully captures the inner most feelings of a nine year old girl. The book looks exactly like a real journal complete with the marbled black and white decorations on the cover which look just like a real school composition book. Amelia's voice is very in character, and her exploits, worries, and adventures are sure to sound familiar to many young readers.