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Amazing Mr Zooty!

Amazing Mr Zooty!

Emma Chichester Clark
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Andersen Press, 2008   ISBN: 978-1842705926

Mr. Zooty is a rather extraordinary cat who goes around looking “for people to help out.” One day he is in the park when he sees two small children who are trying to catch falling leaves “for luck.” The children, Sam and Lucy, take the three leaves that they catch to their mother, who praises the children saying “We could do with some luck.”

When he hears this, Mr. Zooty gets to work. He takes a shabby coat out of his red suitcase and pretends to be a poor elderly cat who is down on his luck. Though they don’t have any pennies to spare, Lucy does not hesitate to give Mr. Zooty the three lucky leaves, and when he collapses, Lucy, Sam, and their mother take the cat home. After all, “everybody needs a little help sometimes.” Little do they know that Mr. Zooty is going to return their kindnesses in many wonderful ways.

Every so often one needs to read a feel-good book, and this picture book is just that. Children will be delighted to see how Mr. Zooty helps the two children and their mother, and they will love the delightfully unique way in which the cat grants wishes.