Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Amazing Machines Colors

Amazing Machines Colors

Tony Mitton
Illustrator:  Ant Parker 
Board Book
For infants to children age 4
Kingfisher, 2015   ISBN: 978-0753472330

Many little children, both girls and boys, love machines. They will happily sit at a window for long periods of time to watch a road crew at work, and often the words “digger” or “truck” are some of the first words they learn.

In this cunning little board book, children will encounter nine different kinds of machines, each one of which is a different color. Rabbits, mice and other animals drive the machines across the pages, and in some instances it is clear that some kind of adventure is going on.

On each page little children will find a picture of a machine, and under it they will find the words that describe the color and the type of machine that they are looking at. For example on the first pages we see pictures of a “red train” and a “blue tractor.” Other machines shown in the book include a yellow submarine, a brown row boat, and a very snazzy purple convertible.

At the back of the book children will find a fold out page where all the machines, and all the colors, that were shown in the book are brought together.