Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Almost a Full Moon

Almost a Full Moon

Hawksley Workman
Illustrator:  Jensine Eckwall 
Picture Book
For ages 5 and up
Tundra Books, 2016   ISBN: 978-1770498716

The moon is almost full, and outside a little house in the snowy woods a boy collects wood. Back at the house his grandmother stirs a huge round-bellied pot that is full of hot, savory soup. Her grandson adds some herbs to the steaming pot that contains “Pumpkin and parsnip, carrot and turkey bones. Bay leaf and pepper, potato and garlic cloves.” The gifts of the harvest create a meal that will perfect on this cold winter night.

Soon friends arrive at the little house, drawn there by an invitation to have some soup in the candlelit room. They come bearing gifts, smiles, and rosy cheeks. In addition to the expected guests are a few unexpected ones. A girl with flaming hair traveling on the back of a giant wolf arrives with her animal friends. There is always room for more and they join the party, for the boy and his grandmother have made enough soup to  “feed everyone we know” and  “everyone we don’t.” This is a place where “No one’s different…”

Based on the lyrics from Hawksley Workman’s song Almost a Full Moon, this picture book gives readers a picture of a cold, moonlit winter’s night. The white of the snow, leafless trees, and blue shadows are juxtaposed by the welcoming warmth of the little house where friends, both old and new, gather to sip soup, share news, and dance.

Unassuming and evocative illustrations provide a perfect backdrop for the text, giving readers of all ages a thoughtful and memorable story experience.