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All Year Round

All Year Round

Emilie Leduc
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Groundwood Books, 2015   ISBN: 978-1554984114

Every month of the year offers us special experiences and treats that we anticipate, relish, and enjoy. Children in particular are able to take in the little, or sometimes big, gifts that the months give us as the year unfolds.

In this charming little book the author takes us through the year from January through spring, summer and fall, until we get to December. For each month of the year she offers us a whimsical illustration of a little child doing something enjoyable, and a piece of lyrical text that captures the feeling of that moment with delightful image-rich descriptions.

In January the little boy is snowshoeing outside and having the time of his life. The big tennis racket-like snow shoes make him feel that he is “a giant,” and off he goes to “tromp through the forest.” The wind “sings me a nursery rhyme” as it whistles through the trees.

March is a special month for the little boy because it is his birthday month. With laughter, silly hats, confetti, presents, and cakes the little boy and his family celebrates the beginning of a new year of his life.

In May the little boy says “hello to the butterfly, and he tells me his secret.” This is the time when Mother Nature brings us lovely brightly colored flowers that offer butterflies a sweet treat to sip.

On every spread of this book children will notice that someone other than the child is present. They will enjoy seeing what this additional character gets up to as the pages turn.