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All About Collage

All About Collage

Todd Oldham
Nonfiction craft book
For ages 7 to 10
Ammo Books, 2012   ISBN: 1934429899

Some people think, mistakenly, the collage is an art form best suited to little children. It is true that many young children like to create collages, but it is an art form that people of all ages enjoy exploring. Famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque created artwork using collage, and many illustrators use it as well.

In its most basic form, collage involves gluing pieces of paper to a surface to create some kind of image. What is fun about collage is that you can use all kinds of materials to make pictures, not just paper, and you can create the collage on all kinds of surfaces as well. In this book, the author shows his readers how to use collage in a variety of ways.

We begin by looking at “Supply Ideas.” One of the great things about collage is that you don’t really need to purchase supplies, except perhaps the right kind of glue. You can use scraps of paper, fabric, yarn, buttons, ribbon, and other easy-to-find things that are lying around at home. You can use things that would normally get thrown away to create art.

Next, the author gives his readers ten projects to try. In each case, crafters can tailor the project to their own taste. For people who like fashion there is a project that shows you how to make a paper dress, and another that shows you how to decorate a t-shirt. Crafters who like three dimensional art might enjoy the cube collage project or making the tissue paper planets.

Each project has easy to follow directions and photos showing the process and the finished project.

This book is one of the titles in the Kids Made Modern series.