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Alice’s Birthday Pig

Alice’s Birthday Pig

Tim Kennemore
For ages 7 to 10
Eerdmans, 2005   ISBN: 0802853358

This semester Alice and her classmates are studying farm animals. Alice is happy to learn about horses, pigs, sheep and the like, but she has a problem – she cannot say the word animals. Every time Alice tries to say animals she ends up saying “aminals” instead. It is a very frustrating situation to be in.

One day Alice’s teacher takes the class to visit a real farm. Alice falls in love with a little pig with a bad leg, and she promptly asks her parents if she can get a pet pig. Not surprisingly Alice’s parents are not too keen on the idea. Alice keeps on hoping all the same, and when her birthday comes up she hopes and hopes that her parents will give her what she wants more than anything in the world – a little pig.

Young readers who enjoy tales about true-to-life characters and situations will greatly enjoy this story. Alice’s brother and little sister are amusing, and the readers will be delighted when they find out what Alice’s parents give their daughter for her birthday.