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Alfie’s World: A Celebration

Alfie’s World: A Celebration

Shirley Hughes
Picture Book  Series
For ages 3 to 6
Random House UK, 2007   ISBN: 978-0370328942

For twenty five years the Alfie stories have been delighting children and their families, showing them that the little adventures of every day life can be just as exciting as the ones which involve magic, dragons, princesses, and time travel. Alfie's adventures tend to involve simple things such as lost toys, best friends, his little sister Annie Rose, winning a competition, and his Grandma.

In this birthday celebration book we get together with Alfie, his family, his friends, and the animals in his life. We are able to explore his home and his neighborhood and we have a very up close and personal time with Alfie and Annie Rose's most important toys. We go to Grandma?s house with Alfie and to the beach. Why we even find out that Alfie has a pet rock which he has named Bonting. Perhaps best of all for Alfie fans, this book has a brand new Alfie story in it about how Alfie finds a lost pet which has gone astray.

This delightful picture book with its signature Shirley Hughes illustrations is sure to delight children and their grownups. There is so much to look at and one very much feels as if one has been invited into Alfie's home, his life, and his world. Thank you so much for the invitation to the party. It has been a pleasure.