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Alfie's Feet

Alfie's Feet

Shirley Hughes
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Random House UK, 2009   ISBN: 978-1862307841

Alfie has a pair of brown shoes with laces that he wears when he goes outside. The shoes work very well in most situations, but when Alfie goes “stamping about in mud and walking through puddles,” his shoes, his socks, and his feet get rather wet.

One day Alfie and his mum go to the shops on the High Street and they buy Alfie a pair of wonderful yellow boots. Now Alfie will be able to play in the mud and puddles without getting his feet wet.

Alfie put on his new boots and they look splendid, though they do feel a little funny. Soon Alfie and Dad are in the park and Alfie is having a grand time splashing in the puddles. The only problem is that his feet in their new yellow boots still feel a little odd.

Shirley Hughes has a gift for turning a simple story into a delightful reading experience. With her charming illustrations and her loveable characters, Shirley Hughes takes us into Alfie’s world, a place where buying a new pair of yellow boots is a memorable event.