Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Stephanie Sammartino McPherson
For ages 7 to 10
Lerner, 2003   ISBN: 978-0822503507

Albert was a serious little boy who loved to ask questions. The problem was that his teachers were not too keen to answer him and wanted him simply to learn all the things that they had to teach, and to learn quietly and obediently. So, since Albert couldn’t get answers to his questions he took refuge in math, a subject that let him experiment a little and that didn’t have lists of answers to memorize.

Luckily Albert later found teachers who were happy to answer his questions and he finished his education and went on to college in Switzerland but Albert was always running into trouble because he thought the his teachers and professors didn’t know as much as he did.

Albert’s first job was in a Swiss Patent Office and since his work was not too demanding he spent a certain amount of time thinking. It was during this time that he began to wonder about the universe and about the nature of light. He began to publish papers which had a lot of people confused but in time scientists began to realize that Albert had developed some very important ideas.

Albert now became a professor and when he made an important discovery in 1919 he became suddenly famous. He was such a modest, interesting and clearly brilliant person that the public couldn’t get enough of him, a state of affairs which did not change much during his lifetime.