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Ace Lacewing Bug Detective

Ace Lacewing Bug Detective

David Biedrzycki
Picture Book  Series
For ages 8 to 10
Charlesbridge, 2005   ISBN: 978-1570915697

Something is amiss in Motham City. Queenie Bee has been kidnapped and Ace Lacewing, Bug detective, has been given the job of finding her. It is hard to believe anyone would do such a dastardly thing. After all, Queenie Bee and her sister Princess Pollen are very popular, their company The Hive Rise Honey Company, makes the best honey in town.

Soon Ace is on the job following a trail of honey through all sorts of dangers. Luckily for Ace, his sweetheart Xerces Blue is looking out for him and she saves him from what could be a very untimely end on more than one occasion. When Ace finally gets to what he thinks is the source of the trouble, a remarkable story awaits him. It would seem that the criminal behind the kidnapping is not at all what Ace expects.

Packed with clever tongue-in-cheek word play that will delight older readers and adults, this is a detective spoof par excellence. If the world was indeed populated by insects, there is no doubt that Ace Lacewing would be out there solving crimes and ridding the world of Al the Drone and his ilk. Bright computer and pencil generated illustrations are full of wonderful details and pictorial jokes.