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Abracadabra! Magic with Mouse and Mole

Abracadabra! Magic with Mouse and Mole

Wong Herbert Yee
Fiction  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Houghton Mifflin, 2007   ISBN: 978-0618759262

Mole is very anxious because he has two tickets to see Minkus the Magnificent and Mouse is taking a long to time to get dressed. Mole does not want to be late for the performance. At last Mouse manages to choose which dress she will wear and the two friends get to the place where the performance is going to take place.

Minkus the Magnificent performs three splendid feats of magic and all is going very well indeed until the end when Minkus’ table is knocked over. When this happens all the animals in the audience are able to see that every single one of Minkus’ so called acts of magic were just clever tricks and nothing more. They are all furious, especially Mole.

The next day Mouse finds Mole looking very glum. He is feeling very let down by what Minkus did. It is upsetting to think that “there is no such thing as magic” and he wants nothing to do with “magic tricks” and “show biz.” Mouse on the other hand knows that there is plenty of magic in the world if you know where to look for it. So she proceeds to show her friend that there is magic in nature. But, of course, Mother Nature’s magic is not the instant kind and Mole is still not placated. So Mouse has to find some way to show her unhappy friend some of nature’s magic, magic which he will be able to see for himself right there and then.

This delightful book for early readers is not only a joy to read, but it also explores the idea that there is magic all around us. All we need to do is open our eyes, slow down, and take the time to look around in nature. Then we will discover all kinds of wonders.