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ABC Alphabet Fun (My First Touch and Feel)

ABC Alphabet Fun (My First Touch and Feel)

Jonathan Litton
Novelty Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Tiger Tales, 2014   ISBN: 978-1589255920

Children are generally eager to learn, if they are taught in a way that engages their interest and entertains them. Teachers and parents quickly discover that children are particularly open to learning if they can explore a topic with several of their sense. In this excellent large format My First Touch and Feel Book title, there are colorful illustrations to look at and a rhyming text that will resonate with little children. In addition, every double page spread has a textured, sparkly or shiny surface that children can explore with their fingers and their eyes.

   On the I page we see a picture that will make most readers, young and old alike, salivate. We see a bowl with vanilla ice cream in it, and chocolate sauce has been poured over the ice cream. The sauce is dripping down the side of the dish. Next to this luscious image is the picture for the letter J. Here we see a piece of toast with “jelly, / all sticky and sweet!” on it. When we touch the jelly in the middle of the piece of toast we discover that the red surface is indeed sticky.

   A soft teddy bear tummy, a sparkly cake, a shiny truck bumper, a velvety horse’s tail and other special features make this a perfect book to explore with a young child who is curious and eager to investigate his or her world.