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A Very Fuddles Christmas

A Very Fuddles Christmas

Frans Vischer
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Simon and Schuster, 2013   ISBN: 978-1416991564

Fuddles is a very fat, spoiled cat. Whatever he wants, he gets, even when what his wants is, quite frankly, outrageous. One day Fuddles wakes up and he smells something delicious. When he goes to investigate he sees that the dining table is loaded down with mouthwatering food. Naturally Fuddles assumes that the food is for him. When he jumps on the table he finds out that the turkey, pie and other delicious goodies are not for him. Neither are the wrapped presents, the gingerbread house, and the decorated tree. Fuddles does not fully appreciate this until he climbs the tree, tips it over and then somehow ends up on the wrong side of the front door.

   Something very strange has happened outside. The ground is covered with cold, wet, white stuff. Someone has taken away the grass and leaves and flowers. The environment is so alien and hostile that Fuddles soon gets hopelessly lost. Fuddles is in trouble. Again.

   This second Fuddles book is deliciously funny and readers will immediately fall in love with the chunky cat who is ruled by his stomach. The illustrations will make readers laugh out loud and they are beautifully complimented by the carefully understated text.