Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

A Tree for Emmy

A Tree for Emmy

Mary Ann Rodman
Illustrator:  Tatjana Mai-Wyss 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 7
Peachtree Publishers, 2009   ISBN: 978-1561454754

Emmy is a little girl who loves trees. She loves oaks, and pines, and willows, but most of all she likes the mimosa tree that grows in Gramma’s pasture. Gramma says that the mimosa is just like Emmy because it is “Stubborn and strong and a little bit wild.”

Emmy does not have a mimosa tree growing in her yard at home, and when her birthday comes around, she tells her parents that she wants a mimosa tree of her very own to care for. Emmy’s mother and father don’t think that this is a strange request. Instead, they go to the garden stores to find a mimosa tree. Unfortunately, most people don’t seem to appreciate mimosa trees. They “grow wild” and therefore are not sold in stores.

Emmy thinks that this is very unfair. Why don’t the stores sell mimosa trees? Even if they are wild, they are still beautiful. Emmy doesn’t want something else for her birthday, so she has to make do with spending time with Gramma’s tree. As she lies under the tree, trying to “keep in the tears,” Emmy makes an amazing discovery.

Young readers are going to going enjoy spending time with Emmy, who is very determined to get exactly what she wants for her birthday. They will appreciate the fact that this little girl is not afraid to be different, and that she refuses to let go of her dream. With a charming message and lovely multimedia illustrations, this picture book is a tribute to all those people, young and old, who love all of nature’s gifts and who have the courage to be unique.