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A Sweetheart For Valentine

A Sweetheart For Valentine

Lorna Balian
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Star Bright Books, 2005   ISBN: 978-1932065145

One morning, the people in the village of St. Valentine were woken up by the sound of an infant howling. When they went outside to find out what was going on, they saw that someone had left an enormous baby on the front steps of the village hall. It was clear to everyone that the poor baby had been abandoned and that “She belonged to no one, poor dear.” The villagers decided there are then that they would adopt her, that they would be her family, and they named her Valentine.

Though Valentine now had an enormous family, it still wasn’t easy to take care of her. She ate more than anyone else in the village, and as she grew it became hard to find clothes that would fit her. Over time Valentine got so big that she could no longer fit inside the town hall, and the villagers had to build her a “growing house” made out of vines and flowers.

Valentine grew into a charming young woman who was loved by all. She had a happy life overall, and then her brothers and sisters began to get married. Valentine began to feel lonely, and it became clear that she too needed a sweetheart, but how could the villagers find a young man who would be big enough for Valentine.

In this delightful and often sweetly funny picture book, readers will see how a giant child is loved and cared for by a village worth of people, and they will also see why, in this village, February 14th is a very special day indeed.