Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

A Seed Needs Sun

A Seed Needs Sun

Kate Riggs
Illustrator:  Fiammetta Dogi 
Nonfiction Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Creative Editions, 2014   ISBN: 978-1568462547

Though the process that turns a seed into a plant is one that takes place all the time, there is something rather miraculous about it. Seeing a little plant emerge from a seed can be quite awe-inspiring, particularly for young children.

   In this lusciously illustrated board book we see what happens after a seed lands on the ground. On the first spread a beautiful scrub jay eyes a little seed on the ground, which is lucky enough to be in a shallow hole, one of the first things it needs to begin its journey.

   Next, in a cross-section image, we see that the little seed is underground in the earth and it has grown little roots. It needs water now and we see that there are little drips of moisture on a nearby plant, so we know it has rained recently. A snail slowly slithers past, and worms are tunneling away through the earth nearby.

   In the third spread we see how a mole gives the little seedling a little help by turning the soil so that the seedling’s roots get the room they need to grow.

   What makes this book special is that it not only tells the story of a seed and shows us what a seed needs to grow, but we also see the other plants and animals that live in the seed’s ecosystem. We see worms, snails and other animals come and go as the seasons go by.

   With just a few words and incredibly detailed illustrations on every spread, this is a book that captures some of the wonder that exists in nature.