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A Penguin Named Patience: A Hurricane Katrina Rescue Story

A Penguin Named Patience: A Hurricane Katrina Rescue Story

Suzanne Lewis
Illustrator:  Lisa Anchin 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Sleeping Bear Press, 2015 

Most of the time, the days at the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans are pretty much the same for the animals who live there. Then, in August 2005, hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans and things start to change. In the penguin exhibit Patience and the other penguins start to feel uncomfortably hot. Though African penguins like Patience are used to warm temperatures, the lack of any kind of air conditioning (there is no power in New Orleans at this time) makes them miserable.  

   At long last Tom, their keeper, arrives, and he does his best to make his charges comfortable. It is soon clear that the penguins simply cannot stay where they are and arrangements are made to send them to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  The penguins are loaded into animal carriers, which are then put on a plane. Tom goes with the birds to take care of them and when they arrive in California he gets them all settled in. They are not going to be able to go home until New Orleans is back on her feet, and that might take a while.

   This is the true story of an African blackfooted penguin who had a grand adventure when her home was severely affected by Hurricane Katrina. Thanks to the help of individuals, organizations and even corporations, Patience and her fellow penguins were saved.

   Readers who have a fondness for penguins are going to enjoy this sweet and uplifting story.