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A Peanuts Valentine

A Peanuts Valentine

Charles M. Schulz
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 8
Simon and Schuster, 2005   ISBN: 978-0689878695

Every year Charlie Brown makes Valentines for all his friends. He also makes a card for the Little Red-Haired Girl whom he really likes but whom he is too shy to talk to. This year he is determined that he is going to deliver the card. After all, his friends don’t seem to have any difficulty making, and delivering, cards for their Valentines so why shouldn’t he be able to do it too.

As Charlie Brown walks to the Little Red-Haired Girl’s house he meets many of his friends and he discovers that Snoopy is giving a Valentine’s Day party. Poor Charlie Brown hasn’t been invited and he feels the slight deeply. How, he wonders, can he imagine that the Little Red-Haired Girl is going to like him if his own dog forgets to invite him to a party.

On every double-paged spread of this picture book young readers will find an envelope to open. Inside they will discover cards, paper dolls, a recipe, and paper finger puppets. Each item is tied to the events being described in the story and the reader is drawn into Charlie Brown’s eventful and special Valentine’s Day.