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A Night Time Story

A Night Time Story

Roberto Aliaga
Illustrator:  Sonja Wimmer 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Cuento de Luz, 2012   ISBN: 978-8415241980

Every night a little girl is visited by a special visitor, one who has “heaps of stories in her hands.” The visitor picks a story at random and then begins to read, so that soon the little girl’s room is “full of words and pictures,” and in these stories the little girl is “always the main character.”

Together the little girl and her visitor experience stories that are “sweet” or “chilly.” Then there are those that are touched with magic, like the one where the little girl learns how to fly and sing. Sometimes the stories are funny, and the little girl and her storyteller dress up, pretending to be someone else. Let’s not forget those “mysterious” stories that take place in distant lands where adventures are as common as stars in the night sky.

With gorgeously magical illustrations and a lyrical text, this is the perfect book to share with a child at bedtime. Children will be thrilled when they figure out who the little girl’s extraordinary visitor is, and when they do, they will celebrate because they will realize that this same visitor can come to their house when it is bedtime.