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A Long Way from Home

A Long Way from Home

Elizabeth Baguley
Illustrator:   Jane Chapman 
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 6
Tiger Tales, 2008   ISBN: 1589250745

Noah is a little rabbit, and every night he has to sleep in the family burrow with his many siblings. Every night he is “squished and squashed,” and every night his sister Ella holds him as if he were her teddy bear. One night Noah decides that he has had enough, and he goes outside into the fresh air.

Outside the burrow, Noah meets Albatross. He tells the sympathetic bird about his problems, and to make him feel a little less glum, the big bird tells Noah about “the land of the North Star.” When Noah expresses an interest in seeing a place where there are “no rabbits,” Albatross agrees to take him to see what the frozen North looks like. Neither one of them expects that this journey will help Noah to see his home life in a completely new way.

Children who are tired of not having their own space will immediately identify with Noah and his situation. With a heartwarming and thought-provoking story, and Jane Chapman’s wonderful illustrations, this is a picture book that will resonate with people of all kinds, big and small.