Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

A friendship Scraptacular

A friendship Scraptacular

Catherine Rondeau, Brown Peggy
Illustrator:  Lisa Perrett 
Novelty Kit
For ages 8 to 12
Random House, 2007   ISBN: 0375841113

Allow me to introduce Queen Colliope, the queen of Collectopia. The queen and her  C’lectomaniac people have “a thing for collecting.” Of course they like to collect stamps, bottle tops, buttons, and other collectables, but they also like to collect “things like knowledge, sentiments, and memories.” For the queen, there is nothing quite like getting together with good friends to share these things and to create friendship scrapbooks. Now you and your friends can also share in this C’lectomaniac pastime.

In this kit, young girls will find a book, an envelope of stickers, and a small collection of C’lectomanic characters. The book will give a group of young girls hours of fun as they share their earliest memories, their favorite things, thoughts about their futures, and so much more. Girls can fill in the spaces on the pages, apply stickers, draw pictures, and enjoy a wide array of Oobas, or out-of-book-activities. Make up your own words, design a special outfit, and get to know the little C’lectomaniacs that are included in the kit.

This kit will give young girls hours of fun and it will make a great gift for that best friend who has almost everything.