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A Friend for Einstein, the Smallest Stallion

A Friend for Einstein, the Smallest Stallion

Charlie Cantrell, Dr. Rachel Wagner
Nonfiction Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Hyperion, 2011   ISBN: 978-1423145639

Einstein is a miniature horse, who happens to be especially tiny. He lives on a farm with his mother, and he is so small that his hooves that are “the size of quarters.” Like all horses, Einstein likes to “gallop and hop, sniff and trot, and lie in the warm sun.” He would love to play and run with the other miniature horses, but he is just too small.

Not surprisingly, Einstein is lonely. He would love to have someone to play with. He tries to play with a pair of kitten who come into his field, but they swat his muzzle and confuse him with their games. A pair of ducks ignore him, a tortoise is too slow for him, and a bunny is scared of him. Isn’t there anyone on the farm who will be a good playmate for a very little horse?

This is the true story of a miniature horse who is so small that he cannot play with other horses. Born in 2010, Einstein is now a celebrity who has a growing number of fans. With wonderful full color photos and an engaging text, this is a book little children will turn to again and again. Who can resist a horse who is so small, so perfect, and so cute.