Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

A Flower in the Snow

A Flower in the Snow

Tracey Corderoy
Illustrator:  Sophie Allsopp 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Sourcebooks , 2012   ISBN: 978-1402277405

Luna is a little girl who lives in a distant cold land where there is a great deal of ice and snow. Luna loves to “dance through the snowflakes” in her wintery world, but more than anything else Luna loves to spend time with Bear, who is big and white. Bear is her best friend and they do everything together.

   One day a bright yellow flower pokes its head through the snow and Bear picks it and give it to Luna. Luna loves the gift and plans on keeping it forever, but the flower dies and Luna is bereft. Nothing Bear does cheers up the little girl, so Bear decides that there is only one thing that he can do. Bear leaves Luna a note telling her that he has gone “to find a sunshine flower.”

   Luna waits and waits for Bear to come home, but many days go by and there is no sign of her dear friend.

   True friendship is a precious thing, and this picture book celebrates friendships with a delightful story and beautiful illustrations. Children will enjoy seeing where Bear goes as he tries to find another sunshine flower, and they will be delighted when they see how the story ends.