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A Father’s Day Thank you

A Father’s Day Thank you

Janet Nolan
Illustrator:  Kathi Ember 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Albert Whitman, 2007   ISBN: 978-0807522912

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and Harvey is not sure what he is going to get his Dad. His sister Laurie Ann knows that she is going to get Dad “his favorite present” which in her mind is a tie. She always gets him a tie and he always tells her that he loves her gift. Harvey’s older brother Martin believes that Dad likes a box of nails best. Harvey’s older sister Nadine says that she is sure that Dad likes golf balls better than anything else and that is what she always gets him.

Poor Harvey does not know what to do. His brother and sisters are giving Dad such wonderful gifts. What could he possibly give his dad that could compare with a lovely tie, a useful box of nails, and golf balls? Then Harvey starts to remember all the things that Dad has done for him lately: the pancakes he made, the hurt knee that he soothed, the bicycle tire that he fixed, the bedtime story that he read. And Harvey gets an idea!

This is the prefect book to share with a wonderful dad on Father’s Day. In this warm and thankful picture book children will enjoy seeing the little ways in which the bear father helps his cubs in lots of little ways.