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A Day With Nellie A Day With Nellie

A Day With Nellie A Day With Nellie

Marthe Jocelyn
Board Book
For ages 2 to 5
Tundra Book, 2008   ISBN: 978-0887768699

Nellie wakes up and she is "ready to start her day." She is going to do all kinds of wonderful things today, and she begins by getting dressed and by having her breakfast. Nellie's stuffed monkey, Kiki, joins her at the table. Then Nellie sets about wishing a good morning to all the precious things in her life including her blankie, Oscar the cat, and Donkers her toy donkey.

Then the games begin. Nellie blows bubbles, she builds a castle (using a chair, a sheet and a box), and she dances in her daddy's shoes. All of this playing eventually wears Nellie out and she needs to take a little nap.

After lunch - which Nellie eats outside - Nellie has a whole afternoon of playing to look forward to.

In this gentle and comforting board book, Marthe Jocelyn takes her readers through a typical day with a typical little girl. Though nothing earth-shaking happens, children will enjoy sharing Nellie's day with her, and they will appreciate the little adventures that she has. With great skill and inventiveness Marthe Jocelyn has created lovely whimsical collage artwork for her book, and older readers might be tempted to try creating pictures like these for themselves. It is hard not to be inspired.