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A Curious Collection of Cats

A Curious Collection of Cats

Betsy Franco
Illustrator:  Michael Wertz 
Poetry Picture Book
For ages 9 to 12
Tricycle Press, 2009   ISBN: 978-1582462486

Unlike dogs, cats are “quirky.” You never quite know what a cat is going to do next. In this delightful book of concrete poems, Betsy Franco explores the ways of cats in verse, cleverly presenting each poem to create word pictures. In all we get to meet thirty-four cats who have all kinds of adventures.

There is Scooter, who desperately wants to catch a squirrel. Carefully Scooter stalks his “prey,” but when he is just inches from the “bold and toothy” squirrel, Scooter considers what the animal with the big tail might do to him. Perhaps a little discretion is in order!

Then there is Q-tip and Rosie. Rosie the dog likes to carry Q-tip around in her mouth. There is no “cause for alarm” though. Rosie is very gentle and Q-tip doesn’t mind. When the cat gets fed up, he “swats” Rosie on the nose and the dog lets him go.

Don’t forget Dharma. She’s a cat who knows her yoga. Not only can she do a beautiful arching cat pose, but she also manages the “doggy tilt” to perfection.

This unique title beautifully combines verse, word art, and illustrations to give young readers a singular journey into a world of feline-centric poetry. Cat lovers of all ages will cherish this delightful book.