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A Book for Benny

A Book for Benny

Judith Koppens
Illustrator:  Marja Meijer 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Clavis, 2017   ISBN: 978-1605373935

It is a wet, rainy day and Sam is “warm and cozy” sitting on the sofa and reading a book. She is perfectly content, but her dog, Benny, is not. He wants to play and has no interest in reading a book. Sam considers that maybe Benny would like reading more if he had a different book to look at. Eager to share her love of reading with her pet, Sam decides to take Benny to the library so that he can pick out a book that will interest him.

When they get to the library Sam discovers that dogs are not allowed in. This is a very big problem. How can Benny pick out a book if he is not allowed to look at any? In the end Sam comes up with a solution to the problem. She ties Benny up right near a window and then she goes into the library to see what she can find.

It isn’t long before Sam finds a book about knights. Surely this title will appeal to Benny, who loves adventures. Sam shows Benny the book by pressing it against the window so that he can look inside; in response Benny pees against a tree. Apparently he is not in the mood for a book about knights. The question is, what is he in the mood for?

Children are going to thoroughly enjoy this sweet, and often funny picture book. They will be particularly delighted when they see the book that Benny picks out.